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The Genesis building process clearly reduces the environment and economic impact of forest clear cutting


A 2,000 sq. ft. steel framed home will use recycled steel of 8 scrap cars, compared to 50 trees (or 1 acre of forest) for the same wood frame home.

The "Stern Review", on the Economics of Climate Change states:

  • The world needs to take action to reduce deforestation
  • More energy efficient buildings are required to reduce global emissions

Lifecycle Assessment

Recognized as an effective tool in assessing the environment impacts of the built environment.

Lifecycle Assessment

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Terra Choice

One of the key attributes of steel, is its ability to be recycled without the loss or degradation of its inherent material properties. Terrachoice, a non-profit, governmental organization in North America has established the standard which define building structures as environmentally sound. The Terrachoice standard accounts for embodied energy and the recyclability of materials in their definition.

Terrachoice have endorsed and recognized the use of cold-formed steel as a structural product. At this point, galvanized steel materials is the only structural building material which Terrachoice has endorsed.

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