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The Ultimate Turn-Key Soluation for Light-Steel Framing

Through its industry-leading green structural building technologies Genesis provides its licensees with a turn-key approach to the custom design and construction of light-steel framed (LSF) residential and light commercial buildings, specific to the needs of each individual licensee in their region. This turn-key solution allows licensees instant access to Genesis design and logistics software, progressive engineering and manufacturing technologies, as well as innovative building processes.

Frame Builder Screen Shot, Steel House ModelingGEM Control Panel, Uncoiler and Installation Site
Genesis software solutions
enable the licensee to manage building projects from inception through to completion with the use of the Genesis inSITE portal which provides an interface that creates user specific access to the suite of integrated software applications.

Genesis' structural engineers are dedicated to continually update and improve its design and engineering software packages to drive innovation and improve technology, resulting in even more cost effective LSF buildings.

As a leader in the LSF market, Genesis offers state-of-the-art industrial equipment to its licensees to ensure that the licensee is able to provide their customers with the best in sustainable construction products. Through Genesis proprietary technologies licensees are able to efficiently custom manufacture LSF building structures on a mass scale.

Following the Genesis process, licensees are offered a wide range of services, including ongoing training and support, to ensure that the manufacturing and construction process is efficiently managed from the day of sale through to the completion of the project.

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